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Narcisse Jordan

Age: 26

Hails From: Cleveland Ohio; currently lives in Tampa, Florida

Job That Pays the Bills:
Artist and premiership rugby player

Rugby Life:

  • Notre Dame College Team (Player - 1 and 3)

  • Tampa Bay Krewe Rugby Club (Player -7)

  • Worcester Warriors, a Premiership Team in England (Player 1-3)

  • Cardiff Met Women’s Rugby Union (Player- #8)

  • Is enrolled in coaching courses and aspires to coach in the future

Leading Like a Boss:

  • Signed with the Worcester Warriors, a premiership team in England in 2019

  • Studied for an MFA at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Why we love KeKi:

  • Juggles playing professional rugby with being a mom to two toddlers

  • Is a visual artist – runs workshops with a focus on creating mental health awareness in Black American communities and Black women through art

  • Organized local Black Lives Matter Toddler March in Tampa and Cleveland

  • Credits rugby with reinforcing her core values of family and community

  • Loves to roller-skate, cycle and paint

  • TRB article: Jordan: Things Change, Don’t Stop

Learn More on The Rugby Breakdown (TRB): Jordan: Things Change, Don’t Stop

All photos provided by the award recipient

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