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Tiara Mack

Age: 26

Hails From: Columbia, South Carolina; currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island

Job That Pays the Bills: Youth Organizer at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England

Rugby Life:

  • Brown University Women’s Rugby Team (Player and Co-Captain)

  • National Collegiate Women's Varsity Rugby Association (NCWVRA) All-American Class (Player - inaugural year)

  • Providence Women’s Rugby (Player - Lock, Prop, #8)

Leading Like a Boss:

  • Running for Rhode Island State Senate

Why We Love Tiara:

  • Fights for women’s reproductive rights as a board member of the Women’s Health and Education Fund

  • Challenging a 30-year anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ incumbent, she defeated her primary opponent by nearly 20% and is on track to become Rhode Island’s first Black, Queer Senator.*

  • Enjoys eating donuts and reading

Learn More on The Rugby Breakdown (TRB): Providence Still ‘Small But Mighty’ (2019)

* Since receiving this award, Tiara Mack has won her Rhode Island State Senate race, becoming RI's first Black, Queer Senator! She assumes office on January 5, 2021, representing District 6. Congratulations, Tiara!

All photos provided by the award recipient

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