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Ubaida Ahmed

Age: 22

Hails From: 

Cherry Point, North Carolina (born and raised in Ghana)

Job That Pays the Bills

Aviation Electronic Mechanic in the United States Marine Corps

Rugby Life:

  • Fort Hunt High School Rugby Team (player)

  • U19 High School All American Can-Am Tournament (player)

  • Mount Saint Mary’s University Women’s Rugby (player)

  • All-Marines Team (MVP)

  • All-Armed Forces Team (player)

  • USAR Marlet 7s Camp (U23 Player Pool)

  • USAR Halfback Academy Attendee (intensive 6 months web-based program) 

  • U20 Tri-Nations US-Canada Tour

  • Premiership Rugby Athlete Immersion Scholarship, London, England

  • Raleigh Venom Women’s Rugby (player)

  • NOVA Women’s Rugby (player)

  • Rotoiti Women’s Club of New Zealand (player)

Leading Like a Boss:

  • Fort Hunt Middle School and High School Girls Rugby (Assistant Coach)

  • Mount Saint Mary’s University Women’s Rugby (Pre-season Assistant Coach)

  • Howard University (Assistant Coach)

  • MCAS Cherry Point Air Shows and Craven County Public Service Events (Volunteer Administrator)

Why We Love Ubaida:

  • Lance Corporal in the USMC Cherry Point

  • Marine Corps Letter of Commendation Recipient for service to the community

  • Volunteer referee at high school and college rugby practices

  • An amazing role model who gives her time to improve those around her

All photos provided by the award recipient

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