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Kathy Flores Coaching Resource Library

We have more to learn than we have to tell!

The Kathy Flores Coaching Resource Library is funded through the Kathy Flores Foundation as well as generous gifts from the United States Rugby Foundation and the Michelli Family Foundation.

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What You Will Find

This library is a true “digital resource” for coaches, players, administrators, and fans of rugby. The Library houses a unique and eclectic collection of historical films of women’s rugby matches, as well as categorized instructional coaching videos for all levels of athletes.

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Archival Footage

This is a historical collection of women’s rugby videos from youth to club to international matches from 1991-present. Get the popcorn, gather your team and watch legendary players and coaches in their prime.


Instructional Videos

The instructional section of the library includes short drill clips, as well as tactical and technical instructional videos.  These videos are for athletes of all leves and produced by youth, collegiate, club and elite level coaches from across the United States. 

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Created in 2021 by US Women's Rugby Foundation (USWRF) to honor the pioneering career and generous spirit of Kathy Flores. Help us carry her legacy forward.

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