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Mallory Hammitt



Hails From: 

Des Moines, Iowa

Job that Pays the Bills: 

Physical Education Teacher

Rugby Life:

  • Iowa State University (Match Secretary, MVP, Captain and President)

  • ISU Strength and Conditioning coach

  • Iowa LAU Select Side

  • Midwest Thunderbirds

Leading Like a Boss:

  • Brought the Des Moines Nemisis team back from the brink of folding to a full roster

  • Des Moines East High School (Head Coach)

  • Iowa Hawkettes Girls 15s Developmental Side (Co-Head Coach)

  • Roosevelt Girl’s Rugby (Assistant Coach)

Why We Love Mallory:

Mallory continues to play for the Des Moines Women’s Rugby Club and serves in their leadership cabinet. In addition, Mallory plans to bring rugby back to East High School where she now teaches Strength and Conditioning and Innovative Fitness. While she recruits future ruggers, Hammitt has committed to a newfound coaching hobby: girl’s wrestling at Des Moines Public Schools. She hopes to empower girls to be their authentic and athletic selves, as her teammates and coaches have done for her.

Mallory is an advocate for LGBTQ youth in the Des Moines area. She is an advocate for mental health resources for youth and genuinely cares about all the kids in her life. Her character, persistence, and commitment to helping others accept and love themselves is inspiring. She works tirelessly on behalf of others as a leader, player, and now as a coach.

All photos provided by the award recipient

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