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Horizons Initiative

Developing the Next Generation of Women Coaches, Referees, and Administrators

The Horizons Initiative seeks to strategically increase the numbers of women coaches, referees and administrators in the U.S.  USWRF/WRCRA has collaborated with USA Rugby to provide WRCRA members with funding to attend and complete USA Rugby’s coaching and refereeing accreditation courses.

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Expertise, Opportunity, Community

As part of the Horizons Initiative, WRCRA will:


  • Host an annual online seminar for participants explaining coach, referee, and administrator education pathways and career opportunities. 

  • Provide tuition to approved applicants to attend USA/World Rugby certification courses Level 1& 2 Coach/Referee.  

  • Provide funding to approved applicants for educational and/or immersive learning experiences to augment their rugby education. For more information contact: 

  • Travel funds are not included. For travel assistance, please apply for a Kathy Flores Memorial Fund Grant

Eligibility for funding:


  • To be considered for the program, please complete the Horizons Initiative Application.  

  • To be considered applicants must be a WRCRA member, for a minimum of 3 months. 

USWRF/WRCRA reserves the right to limit number of participants annually. 

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