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True Story Series: 1994 Women's World Cup Team

"I recall bagpipes, lots, and lots of bagpipes."

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The 1994 US Women’s World Cup Team,

one of the great U.S. teams

The US women showed up to the finals of the 1994 Women’s World Cup having shattered the international scoring record. Over four preliminary matches they had outscored their opponent by a combined score of 364-15. The local press described their play as ‘pyrotechnics’ for their explosive ability to score.

It was an extraordinarily talented U.S. team. The backline had four future Hall of Fame players including fullback Jen Crawford, who at the time was celebrated as the greatest back in the women’s game. Jen was joined by future Hall of Fame players Candi Orsini, Krista McFarren, and Patty Jervey (who was the most capped player on the U.S. team). The forwards were also a celebrated and experienced bunch. The most decorated U.S. prop at the time and 1991 World Cup alumna Annie Flavin, was at loosehead and MA Sorensen was the steady, powerful anchor at tighthead. 1991 World Cup alumnae Tara Flanagan, Jan Rutkowski, Kathy Flores, Mary Dixey, Patty Connell, Cassie Law and Captain, Barb Bond provided international experience and power. It was a large and impressive roster, and the players did not disappoint over the first four games. But in the finals, they met their match.

Correspondence with English scrumhalf Emma Mitchell on the English preparation for the Final

March 2024


Did you specifically prepare for the US? Change your gameplan or did you stay the course?

The vast majority of the 1994 squad had stayed together since the loss to the USA in Cardiff in 1991. Over those three years we had grown tactically and technically (as well as becoming better conditioned for rugby) and, whilst always aiming to ‘bring our game’, we had also learned how to adapt to different opposition in terms of how and where was best to attack as well as defend. 


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