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Kathy Flores Memorial Fund

Created in 2021 by US Women's Rugby Foundation (USWRF) to honor the pioneering career and generous spirit of Kathy Flores.


The FLORES FUND is supporting leaders in the women’s rugby community who exemplify characteristics that defined Kathy’s coaching career:

Forming healthy, generous, collegial relationships

Recognizing the importance of being an educator and mentor

Becoming an enthusiastic advocate and life-long student of the game

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Help us carry Kathy's legacy forward.

Your gifts to the Flores Fund make possible...


An online archive of historical and instructional coaching videos.

Participants may apply for grant funding to help offset travel expenses to attend certifications courses and/or other immersive experiences with top level women coaches, referees and administrators.

Eligibility for funding:


  • Applicants must be a current *WRCRA member.

  • Applications may be submitted by either individual applicants or organizations for multiple requests.

  • Coaches and Referees must be at least a World Rugby Level 2 Coach. For details see Rugby Coaching Accreditations 

Coaching, Referee Population Analytics

An annual collection of data and metrics within the women's rugby community.

"The thing I love most about my sport, is the sense of confidence and self-esteem it gives to young women. I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of their growth." - Kathy Flores

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Recently announced for induction into the World Rugby Hall of Fame, Kathy Flores was a rugby player and coach, winning multiple national championships over her 45-year career. She was and is a beloved iconic figure in the women’s rugby community; a woman of many ‘FIRSTS.’ First woman to coach a national rugby team, first woman of color to coach a national team and first captain the USA Women's Rugby Team (1987).

•  In Kathy’s early career as a player, she won multiple national championships with Florida State University.

•  From 1994-2010 she embarked on arguably one of the most successful coaching stints of all time, leading the All Blues of California to eleven national championships.

•  She coached the USA Women’s Rugby Team from 2003-2010.

•  Kathy became Head Coach at Brown University in 2014, one of the first Division I NCAA teams.

In 2021 she was awarded the Kathy Flores Coaching Chair at Brown University, the first and only coaching chair established for women’s rugby.


Kathy's Legacy

To learn more about Kathy and the tremendous impact she had on women’s rugby, please visit our tribute site.

World Rugby Hall of Fame

World Rugby Hall of Fame - Kathy Flores
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