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Membership Types

WRCRA membership is determined by your current primary role within the women's rugby community. 

Recognizing individuals working in women's rugby may hold multiple positions, you will have an opportunity to share your secondary/additional roles through your member profile.

WRCRA membership is annual, renewing automatically on a rolling basis on your anniversary date unless canceled sooner.


Coaches & Referees

  • Head Coach - College Varsity - $100

  • Head Coach - Club, College - $80

  • Head Coach - Youth - $60

  • Referees - $80

  • Other Coaches/Referees - $60

Other Positions

  • Rugby Operations: administrators, related companies/orgs, and journalists - $80

  • Rugby Network: alumni, aspiring, and former coaches, refs, & players - $60

  • USWRF Pioneers & Champions: Free

Become a WRCRA Member

This is for brand new WRCRA members and those who expired previously and do not have an account/profile on our website.

The new member join process consists of three steps:

  • Step 1 - Create your online account

  • Step 2 - Create your member profile

  • Step 3 - Choose your member type and submit payment

  • Step 4* - Join the Community and update your notification settings to access all of your interactive WRCRA benefits. You will be prompted to complete this step in your membership confirmation email.

You will be taken automatically through the process and must complete all three steps to finalize your WRCRA membership.

Renew your WRCRA Membership

This is for current and former WRCRA members only and assumes that you already have an online account and member profile. If you are brand new to WRCRA or were a member previously but do not have an account/profile on our website, please follow the JOIN instructions.

The member renewal process consists of two steps:

  • Step 1 - Log in, if you are not logged in already

  • Step 2 - Choose your member type and submit payment

  • Step 3 - Update your member profile to make sure we have your most current information

For questions, please email

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