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U.S. Women's Rugby History Museum

Celebrate the past. Champion the future.


The history of women’s rugby in the United States is a fascinating, complex history that intersects with decades of social, cultural and economic history.

But when pouring through the artifacts of the past 50 years I am struck by the simple realization that the history of women’s rugby is the history of women’s friendships. It is the history of a sisterhood; young women working together to overcome great odds and to live as they play - with courage, passion and tenacity.

The USWRF Women’s History Museum provided a brief, representational, overview of women’s rugby in the United States. Visitors we able to enter 5 different halls, each displaying images, texts, links, videos, and audio from a decade of women’s rugby history. 

In each hall we tried to represent diverse geographic regions, teams, important events and individuals but in a project of this scale we are bound to have gaps. We hope you’ll help us continue to fill in those gaps by sending materials we can digitize, archive and display.


1989 Lake Braddock High School WRFC.jpg

1989 Lake Braddock High School Team

50 Women You Should Know Series

Read about the women who have paved the way for all of us in our sport.

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