WRCRA provides a professional home for coaches, referees, players, administrators, journalists, and fans within women's rugby. 

We are the past, present and future of women’s rugby. We bring the community together and stand as one. Our singular, primary goal is to ensure that girls and women in any position and at all levels of the game have a professional home. 


Join our movement. Share your stories. Create change.


WRCRA's Career Center offers current active members a portal into the women's rugby job market. As a member, you can:

  • Access women's rugby related jobs

  • Post women's rugby related jobs

  • Join the Coaches Bank

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You will be prompted to renew on the next page in order to access Career Center benefits.


WRCRA's Member Community offers members a forum through which they can meet other members and discuss a variety of topics.

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The WRCRA Conference brings the women's rugby community together for conversation, community and celebration. Learn from our speakers and panelists, connect with each other, and use our time together as a springboard to create change locally, nationally, and globally.