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Tiffany Lopez



Hails From: 

Union City, CA

Job that Pays the Bills: 

CEO and therapist, Iron Paradise Recovery

Rugby Life:

  • San Jose State Women’s Rugby (2018 Final Four)

  • San Jose State University Women’s Rugby (Travel Manager)

  • SJSU Women’s Rugby Alumni Association (President)

Leading like a Boss:

  • Loggerheads Women’s Team Manager (Premier Rugby 7’s League)

  • West Coast Rugby Collegiate Commissioner, D2

  • Disciplinary Director, Pacific Western Conference, D1

  • Liaison for HBSC World Rugby Series Japan (M/W) & Korean (M)

  • World Cup Operations and Logistics Lead (2018)

  • Union City Softball Association (President)

  • Six time National Champion in Taekwondo

  • Provides affordable and usually sponsored recovery for the rugby community through Iron Paradise Recovery Recovery (Traveled with ROOTS Rugby, Berkeley All Blues, EPA Razorbacks, San Mateo Wolverines, SJSU Women’s Rugby provide recovery services)

  • Created an annual fundraiser and donation drive for the Bay Area homeless community

  • Uses her business as a network for athletes to access travel funds and equipment

Why We Love Tiffany:

Tiffany has spent the majority of her life in the elite level of Taekwondo and other martial arts. But, the rugby community is unlike any other she has met. She really loves and appreciates the support and community that rugby gave her. Rugby is growing so fast and leadership positions are opening for dedicated and willing volunteers. She worked her way up from a really enthusiastic player to a club president to running a conference, becoming a liaison to international teams, and now, working in Professional Rugby. But this is only the start and Tiffany is hoping to be here for the long journey.

"After speaking with Tiffany for a few seconds you can tell she is the person who needs to be in charge. She is more capable and driven than the majority of rugby administrators. She elevates the expectations of ‘care’ we should be providing our athletes."

All photos provided by the award recipient

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