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Akilah Guzman

Age: 26

Hails From: St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, currently lives in Alpharetta, Georgia

Job that Pays the Bills: Pre-K Teacher, Barnwell Elementary School

Rugby Life:

  • Member of Kennesaw State Women’s Rugby, National Champions

  • Captain (2016-2018)

  • Junior All American

  • Player, Stars & Stripes Team

  • AIG Women’s Junior All-Americans Can-Am Selection Camp

  • Player, USA South (15’s)

  • Player, Stars Rugby (15’s)

  • Player, Atlantis 7’s

  • Player, Optimus Rugby 7’s

  • Player, Dominican Republic National Team

  • Player, WPL, Atlanta Harlequins

  • Player, D1, D2 and Atlanta Harlequins

  • Player, Atlanta 2.0 Selects (15’s and 7’s)

  • Player, Harpooners Rugby 7’s

  • Player, Faith Rugby 7’s

Leading Like a Boss:

  • President & Marketing Director of Kennesaw State University Women’s Rugby

  • Coach, Atlanta Youth Rugby (2019)

Why We Love Akilah: 

Goose works to build meaningful, family-like connections with everyone she meets. She’s there to pick you up on the pitch and in life. She exemplifies every characteristic of what it means to be a star on and off the field. Goose truly inspires me to be a better rugger and better person.

All photos provided by the award recipient

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