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Annabella Vogel

Age: 16

Hails From: Washington Boro, Pennsylvania

Job that Pays the Bills: Homeschooled and helps with the family business 

Rugby Life: 

  • Player, Penn Legacy

  • Player, Knightmares Rugby Club

  • Player, The Rugby Advantage

  • Referee, Eastern Penn Referee Society

  • Invited player, USA Rugby U18 team (Global Youth 7's in NZ)

Leading Like a Boss:

Bella, one of the youngest rugby referees in Pennsylvania, refereed the Collegiate Women's Division III Pennsylvania State Championship match

Why We Love Annabella:  

Bella began playing rugby at age 10 and quickly set her sights on elite-level play. Her family operates a market outside of their home in Washington Boro called The Petal on Penn. The market sells produce grown by the family. "We do a lot of things to fundraise and keep up with her training. Bella grows and sells the produce; every penny goes straight to her and supports her training.”

All photos provided by the award recipient

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