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Cait Mallahan

Age: 24

Hails From: New Hampshire, currently living in Bristol, Rhode Island

Job that Pays the Bills: Special Education teacher

Rugby Life:

  • Player, Roger Williams University Women’s Rugby team (graduated in 2021)

Leading Like a Boss:

  • Coach, Roger Williams University, NCR D1 7’s Champions (2022 and 2023)

  • Coach, Roger Williams  University, NCR 15’s Championship, 3rd place 2022

  • After her national championship seniors were denied the opportunity to wear a sash at graduation identifying them as varsity athletes, Caitlin and her team led conversations at Roger William University about recognizing club sport athletes in an equitable way. Her work resulted in club sports seniors wearing a sash at graduation, identifying them as athletes.

Why We Love Caitlin: 

Talk about bursting out of the gate, Caitlin took over the head coaching role at RWU in 2021 at the age of 21 and led the Hawks to 2 consecutive NCR 7’s Championships. Their championship run included three separate tournament wins and a first-place finish at nationals. In 2023, RWU went on a run of 13 consecutive victories through the spring tournament season that culminated in a national championship performance, outscoring opponents 111 total to 10 over four games.

All photos provided by the award recipient

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