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Emily Briggs

Age: 26 


Hails From: Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, and Utah 


Job that Pays the Bills: Academic Advising Technician at Salt Lake Community College 


Rugby Life:  

  • While in 8th grade in Minnesota, she played on the Varsity team for Wayzata Rugby club 

  • Player in high school for the Orono Nightmares (Captain 2014) 

  • Moved to Texas in her senior year of high school and started a team at her new high school, Prosper High School. Prosper High went on to place 2nd in the state and Emily was named All-State MVP Forward

  • Player, BYU, (CRAA, National Collegiate Champions, 2019)

  • Captain, BYU (2029-2020)

  • Collegiate All American (2019)

Leading Like a Boss:  

  • In the off season, she voluntarily coached Mountain Ridge Rugby in Utah and Dakota Ridge Rugby in Colorado

  • Helped start Peaks Rugby, a new club in Provo, Utah

  • Made several ‘How to play rugby!’ resources and game analysis videos 

  • Currently coaching the new University of Utah Women’s Team, helped start the program

  • Holds several leadership positions in her church and is currently leading the children’s program

  • Commentator for local games and tournaments

  • Volunteers with the leadership team of the Rocky Mountain Rugby Conference

  • Supports local women’s clubs and the possible construction of a Professional Women’s Sports Stadium in Salt Lake City

Why We Love Emily:  

As if a stellar playing and coaching career weren’t enough to prove how much you love rugby, just 4 weeks after having a baby, Emily played in the BYU alumni game (which the alumni won for the first time in history). She also returned to coaching full-time, 3 weeks post-partum, to make sure the University of Utah team had a spring season. That’s dedication!

All photos provided by the award recipient

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