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Alana Olsen

Age: 24

Hails From: Grand Rapids, Michigan; current lives in San Diego, California

Rugby Life:

  • University of Michigan (Player - team's leading scorer)

  • Big 10 (Player - Back of the Year)

  • Collegiate All-American (Player)

  • USA Women’s National 7’s Team (Player)

  • Legacy Rugby Academy (Player)

  • San Diego Surfers (Player)

Leading Like a Boss:

  • USA Rugby Players Association representative for the Women’s 7’s Team

  • USA Rugby International Green Business Certification Director

  • Member of EcoAthletes

  • Member of U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

Why We Love Alena:

  • Believes making palpable change to the larger society is a team sport. Every day it becomes more critical that we look to serve our communities off the field with the same rigor we strive to serve them on the field.

Learn More on The Rugby Breakdown (TRB): Olsen Fights Climate Change with CARE (USA RUGBY, 2020); Video: Olsen Scores 1st USA 7s try to beat France @ Glendale 7s (2018); Alena Olsen, Enjoying Falcons Life (2018)

All photos provided by the award recipient

Credit to USA Rugby

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