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Samantha Black

Age: 20

Hails From:

Tampa, Florida

Job That Pays the Bills:

Marketing coordinator in the floral industry and a certified personal trainer

Rugby Life:

  • Tampa Bay Krewe Women’s Rugby (player, Captain)

  • Tampa Mischief Women’s Rugby League (player, Captain)

  • USA Red-Tails Rugby League National Team (player, Captain)

Leading Like a Boss:

  • Tampa Bay Krewe (Vice President and Community Service Coordinator)

  • Organizes and hosts skill clinics for players

  • Organized the first women’s Rugby League team and match in USA

  • When Covid-19 hit she made sure to keep the game alive for Florida players in the safest ways possible

Why We Love Sam:

  • Organized a prom dress rugby game to benefit Women with Purpose

  • Foster volunteer for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

All photos provided by the award recipient

Photo Credits: Bryce Moseley

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