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Krista McFarren

  • USA Rugby Hall of Fame, Texas Rugby Hall of Fame

  • Board Member, Kathy Flores Memorial Foundation

  • Member, Convenor of Selections (1995-2000), Nominations Committee (1997-2004), US Military Committee (2000-2001), USA Rugby

  • Assistant Coach, Maryland Stingers (2003-2006), DC Youth Rugby (2019-2020)

  • Assistant Coach, US Women’s National Team (2002-2010 - 3 World Cups)

  • US Women’s National Team Player 15s (1991, 1994, 1998 World Cup)

  • US Women’s National Team Player 7s (1996, first 7s team)

Krista was probably the most talented player I ever coached; everything seemed to come naturally to her: she could score long tries on speed or elusiveness, and short tries on power. She set up tries brilliantly and then just put teammates away. Defensively she just crushed people; I was in awe watching her one-on-one defensive play. But on top of that athletic talent she was always thinking and innovating. (Emil Signes)

All photos provided by the award recipient

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