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Liz Kirk

  • Head Coach, Seattle Women’s Rugby

  • Director of Women’s Rugby, Seattle Rugby Club (1996-present)

  • Assistant Coach, Pacific Coast Grizzlies

  • US Women's U23 Team, US Women’s Senior Side

  • US Women’s National Team Player 15’s (1998 and 2002 World Cup, 23 Caps)

We have a long standing saying here at Seattle Rugby Club: ‘Work for Kirk’. I don’t know the origin, but I do know the spirit. Liz knows how to coach rugby and knows how to coach women. She is humble, non-punitive, willing to change and finds the best in each player. Liz is the definition of a role model. She informs the way I captain, the way I play rugby, and the way I navigate life. There’s a reason we all have shirts that say, “Work for Kirk.” She inspires us to work harder and be better. She works for women’s rugby - she works for us. It is an honor to Work for Kirk. (Hattie McKay)

All photos provided by the award recipient

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