Coach of the Month: Myrta Ventura

Where do you live?

Providence, Rhode Island


Instructional Designer & Educational Technology Coach

Tell us a little about your playing days? What positions did you play?

I began playing as an undergrad at Brown University in a variety of backline positions, mostly fullback. I played flyhalf for eight years or so for the Providence Women’s Rugby Team.

How did you get into coaching?

I started thinking about coaching as a way to help develop newer players that were joining the Providence team while I was recovering from injury. Later, as I moved away from playing, I saw it as a way to stay involved with my team and club.

Teams you coach/have coached and why it's great to coach them:

In 2013, I was fortunate to become an assistant coach under Kathy Flores at Brown. Then, in 2015, I assisted with the Providence Women’s Rugby Team, again under Coach Flores. In both of these cases, I’d played with the teams previously during my playing years, so I felt like I was able to support my local rugby communities in this way. The joy of coaching for me came from worki