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Our Voices: Life University Women's Rugby

By Life University Women's Rugby

We had to get the lumps out of our throats and try to piece together our broken hearts. Our team is proudly made up of athletes and staff from all different races, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, and genders. Recent events have deeply touched our rugby family personally. Four of our own student-athletes of Life University Women’s rugby call Minnesota home. Three of those are from Minneapolis. One whose mother is a retired Black Minneapolis police officer and attended the memorial service for George Floyd. We too are grieving and have had to take a moment to collect our thoughts and know that we have been silent too long.

We will never be content standing on the sidelines, especially with members of our own family who are being deeply affected and attacked for the color of their skin. We extend our condolences to the families and friends of those whose lives have been affected by this tragedy. Black. Lives. Matter.

We are committed to being better, and also doing better to actively pursue change. Two immediate action items we plan to implement are 1) When our team travels or has team meals, we will support businesses owned by marginalized groups and 2) We pledge to utilize the Human Rights Campaign Equality index when shopping for team supplies, staying in hotels, and airline travel. We commit to actions, not just words.

This could not be more personal to us, and we want to honor how each person chooses to cope with this difficult time.

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