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An Open Letter to the Women's Rugby Community from USA Rugby Leadership

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Dear Members of the Women's Rugby Community,

Thank you for continuing to support the women on USA Rugby's Board of Directors and Congress!  We were grateful for the opportunity to update you on the current state of affairs at USA Rugby at the recent Women's Rugby Coaches & Referees Association Conference.

Monica VanBuskirk moderates a panel at the 2020 WRCRA Conference titled

with panelists Julie Lau, Phaidra Knight, Jenny Lui, Audrey Billingsley, Rosalind Chou

USAR's current financial situation is dire due to the overspend in high performance programs and high legal costs coupled with the under performance of revenue generating activities in the philanthropy and commercial areas.  At the BOD meeting in early December, the BOD took full responsibility for the financial shortfall and unsatisfactory fiscal results.  We acted by creating a Task Force to review the current financial position, structure and systems of USA Rugby, collect stakeholder input, and suggest revisions/recommendations to create a structurally and fiscally sound national governing body for rugby in the United States.  We demanded that the Task Force, which is led by Jon Bobbett and includes representatives and advisors from the rugby community, find the best possible outcome without prejudice for the players, coaches, referees, fans, administrators, and supporters of youth, high school, collegiate, club and high performance rugby.

The BOD expects the Task Force to propose viable solutions that will reinvent how rugby is governed in the US. It is imperative that the BOD, Congress, USAR National Office, Task Force and all others in the rugby community work together to propose, agree upon and implement solutions.

How can you help?

1. Become educated! Read the following documents:

2. Spread the message! Share this information with your rugby community. Combat the spread of misinformation.

3. Speak up! Encourage others to speak up! The Task Force and its Advisory Committee are looking for innovative ideas! The list of Task Force representatives is below. Please contact them with your suggestions.

Thanks again for your support! Julie Lau & Phaidra Knight

Task Force:

  • Jon Bobbett - Independent

  • Corey MacDonald - Legal

  • Amy Rusert - Collegiate

  • Paul Keeler - Collegiate

  • Kirk Tate - Club

  • Bill Good - Youth

  • Jim Brown - USAR Board

  • Fred Roedel - Financial

  • Kevin Swiryn - International Athlete / Insurance

  • Phaidra Knight - International Athlete

  • Samantha Luther - administrative support

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