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We're Looking for the Fastest Girl in HS Rugby!

New year, same race.

Last year, we crowned the fastest collegiate women in the game—congratulations to the ever-so-speedy Ember Larson! This time, we're looking for the fastest high school rugger.

Find yourself flying down the sideline with space galore? Have a teammate who just seems to appear out of nowhere at every breakdown? Look across the pitch and see that one speedster you hate to chase?? Enter yourself in our race, nominate your teammates/players, or let us know about an opponent who's speed scares the bejesus out of you.

We invite high school players nationwide to submit their names and times at the link below. We encourage teams to share this announcement and help us find the fastest players in the country. Over the spring season, we’ll celebrate different players on the list and their teams. At the end of the season, we’ll announce the top three fastest players in girls' high school rugby. The top three will receive a prize and the title of the ‘fastest’ person in high school girls' rugby.

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