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Rugby Players Make Good Citizens: How to Use the WRCRA Voter Toolkit to Create Change

Research consistently shows the tremendous impact coaches can have on the development of their athletes’ civic lives (Tufts CIRCLE). As the November elections close in, we hope the attached WRCRA Voter Toolkit will help you speak with your athletes about the voting process and encourage them to take a leadership role on their campus. If you are meeting regularly in person or through Zoom with your athletes, please use this guide to talk with them about local and national elections. We'll be posting often, so please check back here for more information.

The coming elections will deeply impact the future of the country. The lessons of personal responsibility, accountability, fairness, equity, and courage that you work so hard to impart on your players are essentially civic skills – rugby players make good citizens. So please promote voting with your players by sharing important dates, helping problem-solve registration issues, organize volunteer opportunities for your players, and take action to changes the course of the country.

We want to hear what you’re doing! Please share stories from your team’s efforts by tagging us on Instagram (@wrcrarugby - we just joined; follow us!) and Facebook, or by emailing us at

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