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The Coaches Bank: Member Driven

I’m a member. The WRCRA Coaches Bank is an important step in developing more sustainable and thriving rugby programs in the United States. The bank gives women's rugby coaches the opportunity to put their hand up for mentorship, professional development and job opportunities in rugby.

~ Laura Miller, Director of Rugby, Head Coach of Men's and Women's Rugby, Alderson Broaddus University

Photo Credit: Kerri Heffernan

A year ago, WRCRA launched the Coaches Bank, a repository of information about coaches of women’s rugby. The Coaches Bank is a WRCRA member benefit that seeks to increase the numbers of qualified candidates in hiring pools; connect coaches to fellowship and leadership opportunities; offer professional supports like shadowing and mentoring opportunities; link members with speaking engagements, committee assignments and awards and grow the game at every level by creating a group of coaches knowledgeable about program development.

In recent years, rugby coaching has become increasingly professionalized - coaching resumes must now include USAR certifications, concussion management, SafeSport, and World Rugby training. Aligning rugby with the professional demands of other sports is an important step in raising the profile of women’s rugby with athletic administrators. But more importantly we are raising the standards of the profession among coaches.

Coaching is an intense emotional experience and coaches often rely on a small circle of peer coaches for support, inspiration, consolation and guidance. Through these circles we come to know much about coaching - the hours are long, the pay terrible, the pressure intense, and the reward great. Coaching is always bigger and more consuming than we anticipated. It’s little wonder that coaches have a high rate of burn out.

Coaches in every sport need a professional association that advocates for them, gathers data about their experiences, and offers a community in which they can learn and grow. WRCRA is that professional organization for the coaches of women’s rugby. Within the larger association, Coaches Bank expands that circle of coaching colleagues and offers access to data, jobs, counsel, expertise, and support.

Photo Credit: Max Haynes

I’m a member. Having a bank of information about qualified candidates makes navigating the hiring process less of a challenge. The Bank provides opportunities for coaches to make connections, access opportunities for professional development, and enable vital networking that empowers career advancement.

~ Katie Wurst, Head Coach, Women’s Rugby, Queens University of Charlotte

The WRCRA Coaches Bank is a benefit open to all WRCRA members.

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