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USA Rugby Shadow Program Coaching Clinic at 2020 WRCRA Conference

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

USA Rugby is pleased to partner with the 2020 WRCRA Conference* to offer coaches a unique opportunity to shadow USAR National Team coaches on January 19 at the Eagle Regional Training Center, Atlanta Location.**

The USA Rugby Shadow Program gives participants the opportunity to observe national team staff as they work with USA Rugby athletes. Participants will be able to observe a Sunday afternoon training and engage in discussions with participants and USA Rugby staff.

Participating Coaches

  • Rob Cain (WNT XVs Head Coach)

  • Kate Daley (WNT XVs Assistant Coach)

  • Rosalind Chou (Head Coach of Women's Premier League Atlanta Harlequins and D1 Elite Life University, Regional Training Center Coach).


Player Coach

1:00 PM WRCRA Conference Ends - Coaches Transition

1:30 PM Arrive Transition

1:45 PM Player Aims Observe

2:00 PM Personal Warm Up Introductions & Goals

2:15 PM 3x12 Rotation Observe

2x10 Game

3:15 PM Break Q&A

3:30 PM 3x12 Rotation Observe

2x10 Game Q&A

4:30 PM Break Q&A

4:45 PM 2x10 Game Observe

1x20 Units

5:25 PM End Debrief and Final Q&A


Creating Pictures

Run Catch Pass - recognizing numbers

Tackle Tech

Lineout Philosophy



2020 WRCRA Conference Attendees: if you're interested in attending, you can officially sign up in person at the conference even if you did not initially indicate interest in the clinic on your conference registration form.

* WRCRA is proud to provide space for the coaching clinic, however the clinic is not part of the WRCRA Conference. Cost is a suggested donation of $25 to the USWNT 15s Program, which can be paid onsite.

**Information on the Regional Training Program: The Regional Training Program is a two-fold supportive process, consisting of both Regional Training Centers and Regional Training Weekends. Centers are strategically placed at seven locations across the United States in areas where a high concentration of National Team pool players reside. There, coaches and athletes meet for concentrated group session for a set number of hours during preseason to work on individual areas and development of core skills under pressure. All players within the tiered pool structure, including age-grade athletes, attend sessions at Regional Training Centers.

Photo Credit: Max Haynes

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