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We're Looking for the Fastest Collegiate Rugger!

For coaches, there are few moments more exciting early in the season than finding a jackrabbit. The moment that shy rookie you’ve been only mildly interested in lines up for sprints and leaves the entire team in the dust. You grip the clipboard a little tighter, smile, do a little dance, and realize you've found SPEED!

As a player, there is something so satisfying in seeing your hard work result in a pass going into the hands of a wing with elite speed. The relief in watching them find another gear and leaving tacklers grasping for air as they head for the try. Goodness, we love those fast feet!

In celebration of all that we love about our speedy teammates, WRCRA and Akuma are launching a contest to find the fastest player in college rugby. Are they anchoring the line at Life? Flanking at Michigan? Playing 10 at Arizona? Or is it the speedy 9 at Sacred Heart? Nominate players on your team or let us know about an opponent who’s speed scares the bejesus out of you.

We invite players from all divisions and leagues (NIRA, NCR, CRAA, etc.) to submit their names and times at the link below. We encourage teams to share this announcement and help us find the fastest players in the country. Over the fall season, we’ll celebrate different players on the list and their teams. At the end of the collegiate season, we’ll announce the top three fastest players in women’s college rugby. The top three will receive a generous gift basket and the title of the ‘fastest’ person in collegiate women’s rugby.

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