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World Rugby Launches "Try and Stop Us" Campaign

World Rugby launched their "Try and Stop Us" campaign this morning with the goal of revolutionizing women's rugby worldwide, generating global exposure for the game, and inspiring participation.

Featuring 15 inspiring women and girls across the globe, World Rugby wants every female to know that when you choose to start playing rugby, it has the power to make you unstoppable.

For more information about the campaign, visit World Rugby's new Women In Rugby site.

Try and Stop Us Manifesto

First Rule: Try. Second Rule: Try Again

Life will hurt sometimes.

This game will give you strength.

To never give up, give in, or give an inch.

Whatever you size, shape, or story.

There's nothing you can't tackle.

No line you can't break.

No obstacle you can't get over.

Or power straight through.

There'll be judgers, disapprovers, non-believers.

Fear less. Play more.

Because once you've started, you can't be stopped.

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