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WRCRA Launches New Coaches Bank

At WRCRA, we occasionally field calls from universities and clubs asking if we can recommend candidates for open coaching positions. We say ‘yes’ and reach out to our networks for help. But who are we overlooking? What perfect coaching fit is out there we don’t know about? The mission of WRCRA is to be the professional organization for women's rugby coaches and referees at all levels of play. While our membership is growing there are hundreds of coaches out there with whom we have not connected.

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Lemal Brown Photo Credit: Max Haynes

After conversations with members, the WRCRA Board came to the conclusion that we need to work harder to identify and connect with coaches. That outreach will result in a repository of information about coaches or a ‘Coaches’ Bank’. This new WRCRA member benefit will allow us to increase the numbers of qualified candidates in hiring pools; connect coaches to fellowship and leadership opportunities; offer shadowing and mentoring opportunities; and link members with speaking engagements, committee assignments and awards. As rugby relies heavily on volunteers or lower wage coaches, the turnover at every level is high. The Coaches Bank will allow us to provide metrics on our progress, better understand more about why coaches leave, and how to support coaches and programs to reduce turnover.

We are asking WRCRA members to participate in the Coaches Bank and to point us toward others who could benefit from WRCRA membership and inclusion in this ready pool of coaches. The Coaches Card participants fill out is more expansive and detailed than the basic WRCRA membership profile allowing us to sort and search for participants in a number of ways (experience, geography, interest level, demographics).

If you are unsure about the status of your WRCRA membership, please reach out to us via email or check the expiration date within your WRCRA membership profile.

If you would like to join WRCRA, please walk through the steps found here.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this new WRCRA member benefit and deposit your Coaches Card in the new WRCRA Coaches Bank. It’s a modest investment that could have big gains!

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