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Newest Pioneer: Ros Anderson

Anderson (left) at the USA 7s / Photo courtesy RRSNY
Anderson (left) at the USA 7s / Photo courtesy RRSNY

Rosalind Anderson is the latest member of the US Women's Rugby Foundation (USWRF) 100 Pioneers Club. A member of the Rugby Referees Society of New York (RRSNY), Anderson joins an elite class of supporters who have donated $1,000+ in the name of growing girls and women's rugby in the U.S.

"I'm so happy to support this organization," Anderson enthused. "As an elementary school teacher, I'm a little insulated on a daily basis from the experiences many woman have in their professions, so I am grateful [that the USWRF has] a deeper understanding of the issues and are putting yourselves out there to benefit other women and the sport itself."

Anderson played rugby with the Village Lions in New York City and then transitioned to refereeing.

"At first, it was only on weekends when I refereed. Now, as [Regional Development Officer,] I find myself increasingly engaged in problem-solving male-female dynamics," Anderson explained. "It's exhausting and - even though a lot of referees are generous with their gratitude - sometimes demoralizing."

As Anderson advanced up the ranks, she encountered fewer women and also tension with foreign referees in the U.S. The experience can be isolating.

"This is why I knew immediately I would join this organization, and I will encourage other women to do so," Anderson emphasized.

"The reason I gave USWRF $1,000 is my mother passed away a little over a year ago and left me a small amount of money, which I have been distributing to causes that empower women," she continued. "She participated in the development of the first smart card and was one of the early female execs at the Federal Reserve. She was so freakin' smart in a really technical, cutting-edge field. She never had the glory of being the first, but she was sometimes the only, and always always one of the few women in whatever she was doing.

"I do feel the past few years, and especially this past year, meeting new challenges as a woman has helped me understand her a little better," Anderson concluded.

The USWRF is also looking forward to getting to know Anderson and carrying both her and her mother's spirit into empowering women through rugby.

For more information on how to donate the Foundation and what those funds support, click here.

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