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Our Robin

by Kerri Heffernan and Suzi Rosen (FSU teammates), U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation

Robin Pace was the consummate teammate.

She was an undersized lock who played big for FSU in the 1980’s. Robin would throw herself into the fray, taking on the biggest bodies on the field. After matches, she had a face only tight 5 players could understand - hair hanging out of the electrical tape band she used to protect her ears, cheeks rubbed raw, a ‘mouse’ under one eye, and the biggest smile. Our ‘Rob’ was a warrior!

Kathy Flores, Robin Pace, and Colleen Fahey

Robin’s athleticism and grit earned her a place on the first USWNT. She played rugby a few more years after that, but left the game to attend to her chiropractic career. Later, Dr. Robin Pace returned to the sport, attending WRCRA conferences, becoming a USWRF Pioneer, and reconnecting with her rugby roots. Her interests in helping youth led her to work with Girls Rugby Inc. where she served as Board President 2019-2020.

Sadly, Robin recently passed from cancer. We at USWRF and her friends are gutted - it’s especially hard to lose her so soon after losing Kathy Flores, her FSU teammate and friend.

Although Robin’s prognosis was dire, she continued to live her life to the fullest, including marrying Cathy Brand on March 27th, 2022. We all marveled at her optimism, courage, and grace. To the end, Robin was always that second row who never gave an inch.

Robin leaves a legacy of generosity, determination, and passion. We are all better off for having known Robin Pace, a teammate you knew would always have your back.

She will always be our teammate. Our Robin.

Read more about Robin here.

1987 USWNT - Robin Front Row 4th from Left 1980's FSU at Nationals - Robin Center Back Row

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