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USWRF 15 Under 30 Award

The U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation is pleased to announce the inaugural 15 Under 30 Award. The USWRF created this annual award to highlight those who exemplify the best qualities of rugby and bring those qualities to the field, to their teams, to the sport and to local and global communities.

The goal of the annual award is to recognize, celebrate and support players, coaches, administrators, journalists and referees, as a means to advance the sport of rugby for girls and women and to celebrate the power of sport as a means for social change.

The 2020 recipients were nominated and reviewed by a selection committee made up of coaches, administrators, referees and journalists. To learn more about the 15 Under 30 Award and this year’s recipients, please visit our award homepage.

2020 15 Under 30 Award Recipients

  • Olivia Benzan-Daniel

  • Meghan Flanigan

  • Xanthi Gerasimo

  • Katherine Hunzinger

  • Narcisse Jordan

  • Tiara Mack

  • Carly MacKinnon

  • Kelsie McDowell

  • Grace McKenzie

  • Alena Olsen

  • Kat Roche

  • Nia Toliver

  • Faith Walker

  • Alycia Washington

  • Elona Williams

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