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Voter Initiatives Within the Rugby Community: “Let’s All Vote,” by Cindy Allen, USWRF Pioneer

In our open letter to the women’s rugby community on June 8, we launched our Voter Toolkit as a first step in our efforts to ensure that we increase voter participation in the upcoming election in November. As part of this initiative, we will be highlighting how our members are spreading the word in their own local communities.

One such example is the “Let’s All Vote” is a campaign started by a group of Northeast Georgia artists and designers. Conceived and organized by graphic designer, former rugby player, and USWRF Pioneer, Cindy Allen, the group aims to use art as a means to support democracy in action.

"I was trying to think of a way that I could contribute towards some positive change. I decided to focus on get-out-the vote efforts because our vote truly is the way for our voice to be heard. If we ALL exercise our right to vote, I believe that our governments will better serve the people they represent," Allen said.

Sample T-Shirt Design

On July 4, “Let’s All Vote” launched a two-week web store selling t-shirts designed by the group. One hundred percent of the proceeds (after production expenses) will be donated directly to “When We All Vote,” a non-profit, non-partisan organization that focuses on voter registration. Once the storefront closes on July 18, the shirts will be printed and shipped.

“We decided to support “When We All Vote” because of its laser-focus on getting folks registered for and ready to vote in the November election. The website is very easy to navigate and has resources for voters. I would recommend that any local get-out-the-vote efforts consider partnering with them,” Allen said.

The design group also hopes to work with community organizations and events to offer free art activities to encourage voting, such as stenciled t-shirts.

Email us at to share your own stories about how you’re getting out the vote. And don’t forget to check out our Voter Toolkit to better understand how to register and participate in the defining election of our lifetime!

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